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Richie Rich (Dreams)

We all have dreams. Regardless of age, color, nationality, you’re a loser or not – we all have dreams.
I always saw myself living in a house with a secret underground tunnel to the sea where my submarine is waiting, of course when it’s low-tide I can always use any of my sports cars, I would also invent the flying car and when I feel like it, I’ll hop on my rocket suit – that was one crazy dream I had when I was kid.

We all have dreams. You’re a pig if you don’t have dreams. (Actually, I spoke to a pig once and he dreamt of being sold in Rustan’s instead of the public market) – we all do have dreams, big or small, crazy or not, we are all wired with dreams since we were kids.

richie rich poster

I remember watching this a zillion years ago. After watching this insanely cool movie, the next thing I did was I rushed to my mom, told her that I want a kid-a-pult, a jetski, a dog named dollar – and of course a McDonald’s inside our house. You should watch this if you haven’t seen Professor Keenbean and his smell-o-master.


We were wired with dreams growing up: by the very things we see or hear about. Thanks to movies, TV shows, the internet and the people around us – they have given us visual peg of dreams. We all have amazing, crazy, out-of-this-world, seems impossible, crazy, exaggerated, only-seen-on-TV, crazy, wild, (did I say crazy?) crazy dreams.

When I was young (but a bit more mature) and realised that I will never have a dog named dollar (and be Richie Rich) – I created a new set of dreams.

I dreamt of having my own real bat cave – with my own bat mobile. (But I wanted it in red, Ferrari red.) 

I dreamt of being a commercial airline pilot. (I later on realised that I could own airplanes by being an entrepreneur, haha! I now dream of owning a small house in the province with an airstrip, a hangar, and a small plane)

I dreamt of being the best basketball player in the world. (Sadly, Michael Jordan thought of it first!)

When I was 20, I dreamt of being the youngest and richest man in the world at 25. (I’m 28 as of writing and I barely made the list! Haha!)

I dreamt of helping street children and being a good samaritan to them (somewhat like St.Francis )(I’m actually doing this now)!

And I have tons more.

Here’s a fact: We all have dreams.

Here’s a sad fact: Only 1 out of the 5 dreams that I listed actually happened. I do have other dreams that are actually happening now, but still – the ratio of dreams-fulfilled and dreams-down-the-drain are worldsss apart.

Here’s REALITY: 9 out of 10 people never achieve any of their dreams.

Let me say that again:

On this planet (Earth, in case you didn’t know) out of 10 earthlings, 9 never achieve ANY of their dreams.

That’s a crazy 1/10 ratio. Seesh.

Now, I have more dreams. More serious dreams. Dreams for myself, for the people around me, for my businesses and even for my country.

Dreams are important because it gives us direction, it gives us a guide, a path, something to work hard for.

We all have dreams, but in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

What have you done for your dreams? Are you that 1 out of 10?
They also say your dreams define you – are you proud enough to tell the world about your dreams?


novena app
I have this APP on my smartphone called the “Novena to God’s Love” – it’s an app where you write down your 7 dreams, then you open this app every morning, you read the short prayer that comes with it, then you read your 7 dreams.

It’s available on all smartphones, ipads, etc. (and it’s FREE!)
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One of the reasons why only 1 out of 10 fulfils their dream – is because we are so busy with our lives that we temporarily forget about our dreams. This app will remind you everyday of what you really want. Your dreams lead you to where you really want to be and where you really want to go. Don’t lose track of your dreams.


Download this app and change your life. Change the 1/10 ratio. Change your future.

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