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April 9, 2014
I am in a group of low-rise condominiums somewhere in Taguig.

I am visiting my friends, the power couple: “Jamich”
(for those of you who does’t know them: JAMICH)


You might want to ask me:

        Why on earth would you visit your friends at 6 in the morning?
        Friends mo ba talaga sila or feeling close ka lang?
       Why visit ba in the first place?

Let me answer:

They are my good friends.
I haven’t visited Jam since he told he got the Big C.
Another reason I went here is because pag-uusapan namin ni Mich yung plan niya na surprise propsal kay Jam sa Feast 🙂

When I got here in their condominium, I parked my car in the basement parking and stayed in my car for a while I was supposed to text them that I am already here but it was 6 in the morning –

My life isn’t as relaxed as it used to be. After here, I’m heading to the resort to take care of more than 200+ guests. So I decided to visit them on my way to the resort. As I went down the parking lot, I saw this view:



I was about to text them but this view stopped me. Since it was also too early for me to visit them, I took out my laptop and sat in a small villa with this view in front of me. And so this blog entry was made. 🙂


————————- I’m here now in the resort, I just cooked food for 200 guests, prepared their rooms and now resting. I decided to finish what I wrote earlier.

After that beautiful view, I decided to text them and go up their unit.
Mich greeted me, we had a small chat about her planned “surprise proposal.” A little after that, Tita Maricar came out to join us. Minutes later, Jam was awake and I was able to to say hi to him though be was still in bed.

Mich and I talked about her proposal plans and “Angels” in particular. Her views and thoughts on angels. Did I say Mich was planning a proposal at the Feast? Girl proposing to boy? Doesn’t happen everyday – but cool like nothing else!

So because of that, I cannot upload this until the “surpise” proposal is done.


————————- I never had the chance to post what you read earlier.

It’s now March 9, 2015. A few days short of Jam’s message to me about the BIG C.

Yesterday, He was laid to rest.

I’d like to share some more of Jam’s messages to me.
(Thank God I was able to save them.)
jamtext1 jamtext2

This is the kind of person Jam is. Loving.
Jam is more than a friend, he is family.

I was very fortunate that I was able to visit him in the hospital a few days before he passed away.
I was able to pray for him, and speak to his heart my gratitude for the friendship that he gave.

Like I said,
Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 7.56.15 PM

Dear Jam,
I’m sad that you are no longer with us.
I’m happy that you’re physical suffering is over.
I envy that you are now with God, enjoying His presence to the fullest.
I’ll miss you brother.
Please pray for us. See you when I see you!

No words can ease the pain.
I always believe that when you are down to nothing, God is up to something.
May this trial bring out the best in you.

Jamich will always be jamich. It is not about jam or mich – it’s about the people that you made happy. It’s about the people that you have inspired. Dahil sa Jamich, merong forever.

jamich he cares jamich feast


By the way, here’s the video of Mich’s proposal.

PS. Photos I used were from the Jamich’s fan page and photos I took from my phone.
The screencapped messages were between me and Jam and I guess it’s okay with him for me to post it.

PS2. I’d also like to thank Tito Phey LIggayu for being accommodating of my messages and inquiries about Jam’s condition, wake, interment. God bless you and your family more tito.


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