Punto Miguel White Sands

Punto Miguel White Sands is a beach resort located in Laiya's famous white sand shore line in San Juan, Batangas. Only a 3-hour drive from Manila via SLEX-Star tollway.

Punto Miguel Lakeshore

Punto Miguel Lakeshore is a pebble beach resort Balete's side of the Taal Lake. An easy 1-hour drive from Manila brings you to this beautiful place that boasts of the Batangas' sunset.

The Beach (Punto Miguel)

The Beach is the newest among the 3 resorts, this private resort is available only on limited dates and to limited groups. We'd rather allow the photos to describe how beautiful this place is.


This 52-feet floating vessel can accommodate 15-20 persons on it's 2 floors. Couches around the boat can let you sit and enjoy the sea breeze, or take a nap on the lazy boys. A full serviced bar is available for cool drinks while you listen to your beach playlist. Or you can just jump in the ocean anytime you like. Ladies, don't worry about hygiene -at the back of the boat is a complete toilet and bathroom. Men, we have a titanic area upfront the boat where you can say you're the king of the world.