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Early To Rise

“Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

For years, my people knew me as someone who’d be awake around 530AM, before the sun rises.
I’m actually a fan of sun rises.

More than catching the sun, I trace back my morning persona to my younger days.

I lived in a house where my Lolo and Lola would wake-up early to jog.
They did it everyday. They’d be out running even before 530AM.

My lola would tell me stories of her youth, waking up early to attend to their “bukid” in the province. My lolo would tell me stories of his youth, waking up early to run away from the Japanese, he was a war veteran. (He was part of the guerrilla movement fighting off the Japs). My Mom was no exception – she would always wake-up before me. When I would go to school, she patiently woke me up every single day. I was used to seeing someone else wake-up before me.

I lived in a house that was a bit far from school. I’d put it at 10kms – that’s a good 30-minute drive. My parents got me a school service, and being on the “first trip” I had to be ready by 530AM, and be at school a little after 6. Usually, I am the first person in school (I guess except for the guards.) This happened every day. Was it easy? Did I like doing it? Did I like being early in school? No, No and no. I hated it.

There were times when I would pretend that I didn’t hear my mom wake me up.
There were times when I really didn’t hear her wake me up. Lol

But my Mom still did it anyway. She wakes-up before me, get my uniform and things ready, wake me up, wake me up again, deal with my reasoning, wake me up, argue with me and wake me up again.


Not sure what year this was taken, I’m sure though that she doesn’t wear that skirt anymore. Lol


I hated waking-up early. I was definitely not a morning person.
But for 10 years – my Mom would wake me up early in the morning, every single school day. I remember how much I hated it. I remember how awful it felt. How much I hated her for disturbing me while I dreamt of being NBA champion and MVP, or while I walk down the aisle with Paula Peralejo holding my hand. (If you know her, you’re my age) – during those years, I felt robbed of my sleep and there were only 2 things to blame, SCHOOL and my Mom. You can just imagine how I would react every single time she wakes me up. I was either the Hulk or the Hulk.

The last time my Mom woke me up for school was 12 years ago.

When I entered college… you guessed it right. FREEDOM from my MOM waking me up!
Around this time, I was too old for her to wake up. So I would sleep as long as I could. I’d rather be late than wake up-early. I’d rather not go to school than wake-up early. Cutting the story short, I flunked college. I dropped out of school, twice. Teehee.

The rest is history.

Now that I am a businessman, I have routines. Most of the people around me knows that I am a morning person.
Most people know that I wake-up 530AM every single morning. No matter what time I sleep, no mater how tired I am the previous day – I still wake-up early in the morning.

Here’s what only a handful know about me: I wake up before my alarm. For the past 5 or 6 years, I always set my phone alarm to 530AM – every single day.

And every single day, I wake-up a few minutes before my alarm goes off.

And I don’t crawl out of my bed. I jump out of my bed. I wake-up with excitement.
I start my day with a prayer. Do my bathroom rituals (I’m not putting details in this. Haha.) Then I take my coffee /tea – and eat my POWER BREAKFAST. (I eat a lot for breakfast) – Then I start working.


This was taken in a cruise somewhere in Thailand. Obviously, she’d rather have a photo of me asleep than wake me up. How technology changes things. Lol

Looking back, I am thankful for my Mom patiently waking me up every day for 10 years. Little did I know that she was doing that for me, that it was for my own good. Now, waking-up early for me is easy.

But why do I wake up early?
I accomplish more. I have more time to work. I get to work while the competition sleeps and so on.

I am known to the people around me as the guy who sets business meetings at  6am or 7am Why?
I want to influence others. Even my business partners, when they made a video greeting for my birthday last year, they would say the same thing, “Dahil sayo maaga na kame gumising(Because of you, we now wake-up early) and I love it when they say that.

Some of the people I work with doesn’t like it (they have no choice, they chose working with me. Hehe) – I become my Mom to them. I patiently set early morning meetings.

I also read a lot of articles online describing how the world’s top CEO’s have this certain routine in their daily lives, and guess what. They all wake up early in the morning. So I guess I’m doing the right thing.

Make it habit to be up early in the morning.
Work while the competition is sleeping. Be the first one to arrive in office.

Early to rise makes a man happy, healthy, wealth and wise!

Welcome to the 530AM CLUB!

Btw, I started writing this article at 530AM. Ha!
And, I am also part of this group that inspires people to wake up everyday at 530AM. [CLICK HERE]
Happy new year everyone!

PS. We all know that writing isn’t my best skill, but I’m devoting more of my time in developing this skill this 2016. So expect more of me and this blog this year!

PS. Take control of your finances and save up for your future the safe a proper way.

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This is me and my Mom now, we have dates once in a while. I still run to her when I have problems. I see her as often as I could. We both wake-up early still. There will be things in life that will never change. Thanks Mom for everything.