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TEACHERS! How to start your business – WHILE TEACHING!

Grade 3, (I’m the 7th kid from the teacher – her name was Ms.Edel Catiis and everyone had a crush on her)


I gave a talk to 300+ Teachers & Principals in “HOW TO START A BUSINESS WHILE TEACHING” for the 2015 Kerygma Annual Teachers Congress


Arun Gogna, Bo Sanchez, Alvin Barcelona and yours truly, Marco Victoria

Arun Gogna, Bo Sanchez, Alvin Barcelona and yours truly, Marco Victoria



How to start your business – WHILE TEACHING!

I used to date a teacher (that should get you interested to read on. Haha!)
But yes, I really did. So I’m not new to the things that teachers go through – check papers, create lesson plans, study for your MA, make decors for the room, write report cards and so on. Hindi ko pa nabanggit yung dealing with coordinators, observers and principals. Right?

I know the stress levels teachers get towards the end of the school year – besides the computing of grades, report cards and PTA, there is also the emotional attachment teachers have with their students that they have to deal with – separation from their favorite students, I mean students.

It has been said by quite a number of people that “a teacher’s reward is in heaven”  – The first time I heard this, I felt sad. Nope, I felt mad.

Why does it have to be in heaven??? Why can’t they get earthly rewards too? What made me even sad is that a lot of teachers believe this. This thought has even made teachers believe that being a teacher is not financially rewarding. Nakakainit ng ulo. Mali eh.

Pano ang mga anak at pamilya ng teacher? Sa heaven nalang din nila matitikman ang reward?


I believe teachers are underpaid.
(I can hear you teachers saying, AMEN!)


I believe teaching is not a financially attractive profession.
(AMEN? Shout it out loud!)


Lastly, I also believe that the stress that teachers get from their job stretches from Aparri to Jolo – and that the compensation for that isn’t even enough for a 1 week vacation abroad.

In short, being underpaid, stressed out, and sacrificing a lot.
Most teachers are not doing well with their finances; At least in this country.

I have a lot of friends who are teachers, and when I asked them why they still do it despite the low pay grade (and the stress that comes with it) – they all tell me the same thing:

It is because of the satisfaction they get for helping/changing/making a difference in a person’s life.


And because, of that – I wrote this article.
A guide for teachers. Something teachers can use to help themselves to be financially free, to enjoy financial freedom – here on earth ha? 🙂



No matter how big your income is, no matter how good your business is earning – if you don’t know how to handle your finances, you will always end up with nothing.

Apply this simple formula and you are a step closer to financial freedom.
Math teachers, this is a simple formula. (Unlike the ones you gave me before. Haha)

The Abundance formula is 100 – 10 – 20 – 70

SALARY (100%) – TITHES (10%) – SAVINGS (20%) = EXPENSES (70%)


Make 100% (Make a living, your salary as teachers is your 100%)
Magnify your 10% (Tithe 10% of your income to God, and be blessed more)
Multiply your 20% (Invest your 20% of your income in the stock market)
Manage your 70% (Learn to live with 70% of your income)


If you’re a high school teacher earning P20,000/mo.

Tithes: P2,000
Stock Market: P4,000
Expenses: P14,000

Yes it is hard, but noting great comes easy. Diba teacher? 🙂

PS. Yes, I wrote there “STOCK MARKET” – Do I advice you to invest in the stock market? YES. Click here to know more about the stock market.)



Your students always learn something new from you. You ask your students to read books, study this and that. But when was the last time you read a new book? When was the last time you learned something new?

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

While you are on your way to the school, do you just linger on Facebook? Before you sleep, Facebook still? Have you heard of audio books? Ebooks? Zig Ziglar? John Maxwell? Bo Sanchez? Do you know about www.fiverr.com? Or affiliate marketing? Or email catchers? Have you read the epic book Purple cow? Do you have a PayPal account?

If you think I spoke Swahili or an alien language in my last paragraph, then you haven’t kept up with today’s fast changing world. READ. NEVER STOP LEARNING.


What is the common denominator among successful people? They are always eager to learn new things. Learn something new often, try writing 10 new ideas daily – Anything under the sun. Feed your mind.

Teachers, mag-aral nga kayo.
(Sorry, I had to say that. Felt a little good though. Haha!)



Here’s the big ticket to your financial freedom mga Maa’m Sir!

A teacher is well positioned to be an entrepreneur. Most teachers finishes work around 4pm. Some pre-school teachers even work half-day only. Meaning they have more time for business. Another advantage that the teacher has is the summer vacation, most teachers enjoys 1-2 months of vacation, sorry, I mean paid vacation. These advantages are your swords in this battle for financial freedom – in starting your business.


Let’s turn teachers to teacherpreneurs!


At this point, I’m sure you’re asking – what business can I start without quitting my job?

Definitely you can’t stat a business that will take up most of your time or your resources – we still want you to be able to mold young minds into future leaders.


DISCLAIMER! I am not saying that you can’t start a physical business like a cupcake store/restaurant/eatery/salon or food cart while you are still teaching. You can actually do these things as well – the catch though would be your time. A physical business requires time, a lot of it. That’s why I’m suggesting an online business instead. If you have someone you can trust who can run the business for you – then by all means proceed.



There are a lot of online businesses out there, different business models – but all are doable with minimal time consumption and a good income return.

1.) Create a blog
2.) Sell stuff on Ebay, OLX, AyosDito
3.) Write an E-book
4.) Create Youtube Videos
5.) See your Time & Talents through Fiverr / Upwork
6.) Affiliate Marketing
7.) Virtual Assistant
8.) Freelance Writing

I will have to write a detailed description to each but I’d rather wait for you to be curious and ask me instead how to do these. Email me?

So there you go.
The next step is yours. What are you going to do about it?

You don’t need to quit teaching. An online business can run itself while you’re sleeping, scolding kids, writing on report cards – even while you’re in the classroom teaching.

Final word, you guys are heroes.
And I don’t want a world with lesser heroes – so please continue what you are doing.
You deserve financial freedom. You deserve an extra income, and that is through a business.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my teachers,
Innoville Child Learning Center
Lourdes School of Quezon City
De Lasalle – College of St.Benilde

If you’re a teacher and you’re reading this, Thank you.
May your tribe increase.
PS. Take control of your finances and save up for your future the safe a proper way. [CLICK HERE]

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