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Jaguar to Tricycle

This photo came-up on my social media feed this morning.

It was from the memories  section – I apparently uploaded this photo exactly 2 years ago.

Let me tell you about it.

2016-03-06 23.53.18

(March 7, 2014)


Exactly 2 years ago.

I remember this day 2 years ago,
I was scheduled to deliver this white Jaguar that I was selling to my customer.
He already paid for it earlier that day, he deposited it in my bank account. I told him I’ll have the car cleaned and waxed, fueled-up to the brim and deliver it later that afternoon.

Jaguar is a luxury car brand, but this was an older model. The car has been with me for a couple of weeks, I had it fixed up a little but boy did I enjoy every second driving it. The joy I had driving this timeless car was unexplainable.


This is not the exact model, but this was the closest photo I can get online (Just for reference)


But I had to sell it, I am in the business of selling cars.
It was late in the afternoon, I drove to my client’s house and delivered his Jaguar.

The moment my client got his Jaguar – I saw the same joy I had earlier. His happiness was unexplainable.

Sure, you’d say it’s just a car. Or maybe a bone in you said, “ang materialistic naman” – but what if that guy dreamt of owning that jaguar since he was 5? Or what if he worked 3 different day jobs just for that dream car? What if it meant something more for him, right?

Sure I sell cars, but I every car and car owner has a different story.

I handed over the keys, he took it for a spin – and the deal was done.

His place was so near my house, that I just rode the tricycle going home.

I remember when I posted that photo on my facebook – I was thinking..

Hmmm.. A few minutes ago, I was driving a luxury car, a white X-type Jaguar.
Then now, I am riding a tricycle.

How ironic.

A friend of mine who lives nearby sent me a message when I got home “Pare ganda ng Jaguar na hiniram mo hehe, mas bagay nga lang sakin”

If you were just a passerby and saw me on both trips – you’d say “Nalugi na” or maybe “Anyare kay Marco???” or maybe “Nabangga siguro yung Jaguar. Haha.”

I just replied, “Haha. Pang-tricycle lang tayo :)”


Sometimes, less is more.

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