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Failure is not the opposite of success. It’s part of success.

moso full grown

Full grown moso bamboos in China

Let me share with you the story of the Moso Bamboo Tree.

The Moso bamboo  is the most utilized tree in China. It is used for food, paper, plywood, furniture and flooring. With it’s unique ability to replenish itself, the Moso bamboo is a great “green” resource.

But what’s so special about this tree? Sure it is useful. But we here in the Philippines have the Coconut Tree, it is also used for food, and so much more. So what’s so special about the Moso bamboo?

When a farmer plants a Moso bamboo – he can take care of it for an entire year and not see any signs of growth. A year! Imagine plating a tree, and taking care of it for a year – watering it daily, making sure it gets sun, shoving away insects and pests – all of that for a whole year, and not see any sign of growth. It’s like a ‘growthless’ tree if you ask me.  Crazy, right?

If you were planting this for the very first time, you would think the plant is dead, maybe in a week? What more in a year???

moso bamboo babyBut after a year of watering, giving sunlight, protection from bad weather and pests – seeing no growth, it will slowly peak and get a glimpse of it’s first sunlight.

Just like this photo, after a year of waiting, this is it’s first peak into the world. This is 1 year and 1 day for the farmer. I can imagine that farmer’s face. He would be crazy happy!

Still, thinking about it.. After a year and 1 day of all that nurturing… you only get this? Hmmm. I would still be disappointed. I mean, I would’ve spent a fortune and a lot of my time taking care of that “growthless tree” I mean, a year and a day? For this small shoot? A human baby grows faster! I’m sure even a turtle grows faster!

Guess what, 19 days later.. the moso bamboo is full-grown at 22 feet. Did you read what I just wrote. I said that the photo up there, that small shoot… turned into a full-grown bamboo in just 19 days. Like you can literally pull a chair, sit in front of it and watch it grow. Crazy right??

moso bamboo 22 feet

Full grown Moso Bamboos

And that my friends, is the Moso bamboo tree.

You know my business failures. I have failed countless businesses. I have closed down businesses in the past in the most painful ways. I have declared bankruptcy more than 5 times. It was painful every single time. Did I ever feel like giving up? Every single time.

I often saw myself as a failure. It has been 10 years since I dropped out of college and ventured in my first official business (because I had businesses while I was in school) So it has been 10 years since I started seeing myself as a failure. Because when I dropped out, one business failed after the other. It was painful. It felt like nothing was happening with my life.


But I stood up one business after the other. I started over one business after the other. It was hard. It was really hard – but I did what I was supposed to do. Stand up.

Like a Moso bamboo – nothing was happening. I kept failing.

The first year of the Moso bamboo were my “failure days” – and nothing was happening right? Nope. Absolutely not. Nothing was happening to the bamboo tree right? Nope. Absolutely not.

Nothing was happening above the soil, but for 1 year, the bamboo tree was growing it’s roots, it’s creating a network of roots underground- so that when the bamboo starts to grow upwards, it can stand tall as it could and no storm can bring it down.

I realized today that my business failures were not failures at all. I was merely growing my roots, my network – so that when I start growing upwards..I will blossom fast, strong, tall and no storm can bring me down.

Now, I still encounter business failures. But boy am I thankful that I know how to deal with them. Business failures can’t bring me down because I’ve been there, done that.

Do you have business failures? Financial mistakes? Failures in life in general?
Are you sure they are failures?

Failure is not the opposite of success. It’s part of success.

PS. Take control of your finances and save up for your future the safe and proper way.

They say money doesn’t grown on trees… I disagree!
Money grows on trees as long as you planted the seeds.  😉

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And remember, Failure is not a person. It’s just a word.

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